Gentle Birth Guardian-Level 1 in Bussum, October 2011

The Whole Group at Oerbron in Bussum

A great group of wonderful women in Bussum, The Netherlands

Nienke and Joyce role playing a prenatal appointment

GBG Training: Prenatal Visit Role Play; Guiding your client to "Safe Place"

Caroline and Zerline in a "role play" of a prenatal visit; using EFT to shift negative emotion

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What is the Difference Between “Doula Training” and “Guardian Training”?

What is the difference between a Doula and a “Guardian” of the Birth?
Traditionally a doula’s role is viewed as a person assisting continually during labor and birth, providing emotional support, physical comfort measures and objective information to the couple so they can make informed decisions.
A “guardian”, as Barbara Harper and myself describe it, is not only an educator but is a person trained to energetically support the best possible outcome at birth. She knows, demonstrates and teaches empowering mind/body/spirit techniques to her clients and is able to utilize these powerful tools herself at the time of birth. She understands and can explain the nature of an entangled universe and the consequences it has on any relationship but especially between mom and baby and anyone present at birth.
The certification requires 150 hours with over 100 hours of live classroom training including 40 hours of residential (level 2).
Our focus is to facilitate a shift in consciousness and true healing in the future “guardian” as well as a deep understanding of the most cutting edge scientific information in the fields of perinatal neurology, physiology and psychology and quantum biology. The “guardian” is trained in multiple mind/body approaches for their own Inner Discovery and Self-Healing! Keep in mind that you can only assist another in reaching higher state of consciousness by clearing your on “stuff” and reaching that higher state of vibration yourself! That is what we are able to teach you in this unbelievable program!

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Here is the Integral Q&A and Stories about GBG- Level 1

Recorded June 24, 2011
Click below to listen… Hope to see you soon in one of the upcoming workshops!

Prenatal Yoga at The GBG-Level 1 in Taiwan, 2010

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FREE Teleconference Call Friday June 24 with Barbara Harper & Nadine Romain

Barbara and Nadine are offering a FREE conference call for all those interested in knowing more about the new Gentle Birth Guardians Workshops and Certification Courses.

This FRIDAY JUNE 24, 2011 – 11am Eastern Time – 10am Central – 9am Mountain – 8am Pacific

Here is the number to call and log in information: 1-218-862-6789 Enter conference code 874245

Join this informational and informal call to listen, ask questions and receive information on how you can transform your relationship and experience with pregnant women in your birthing practices.

Cutting-edge birth professional training for the 21st century

Transform Yourself, Transform Your Practice

We hear over and over in our respective professional workshops and with pregnant couples – “If the information is out there that birth should be done in a different way, then why aren’t things changing?” or “don’t tell us what’s wrong with the system, tell us how to manage change.” or “no more philosophy, give us tools to use.”

That is precisely what participation in the Gentle Birth Guardian Workshop does – it give you hands on, experiential practice and tools to use to help prepare women to give birth blissfully, centered and in their own power. With a special emphasis on the consciousness of babies in the womb and immediately after, you will learn how to help mothers welcome their babies in a more connected way. Learn the art and science of “holding the space” for the mother and baby to do what they do best – birth undisturbed, whether that birth is in a hospital, a home, a birth center, an ocean or the side of a freeway. Discover your own inner power and intuition so you can help your client/patient do the same. Begin the healing process and become aware of- and transform what you bring “energetically” to each birth. Change your understanding of reality, your old beliefs and your expectations so that you can assist women in changing theirs. That’s when we begin to see real miracles in the birth place.

Intrested? Join the call this Friday morning. We’ll be recording it and probably post it here later for those who cannot attend at that time.

Here is the link to the FB page or Post your questions here now

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What is Gentle Birth Guardian® Training?

The Gentle Birth Guardian® Training is a holistic program based on science, which utilizes the newest discoveries about the human Primary Development Period, the “quantum” understanding of biology, the latest insights into mind/consciousness (neuro-plasticity, hormones, epigenetics, hypnosis and bonding).

Nadine Romain and Barbara Harper, the educator/facilitator team of GBG

This course is where physics and metaphysics meld.

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So exciting to start the “Gentle Birth Guardians” website!

Barbara Harper and Nadine Romain team up to give you the best of the best

Barbara Harper, Waterbirth expert, teaches in Holland!

information AND practical training to be the “Guardian” of the most sacred, intimate moment of one’s life” BIRTH!

Check often as we add up material day after day!

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